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Selection of the season

November 2023 - February 2024


Best Feature Film

An active serial killer and his dark world are but a twisted backdrop to his terrifying world of darkness in modern-day Los Angeles as local LAPD law enforcement are baffled at a series of serial killings in the metropolitan city.

Dovid Loew


Morning at Midnight

Best Short Film

A depressed man seeks confort in meeting strangers in a restaurant, hoping to fill the void his ex left.

Carlos Silva Vallejo


Best Feature Film

Based on a true story. A brother and sister from Honduras escape an abusive home and attempt to cross the US/Mexico border, where they both get separated and kidnapped. They'll have to fight to escape.

Anthony Digiovanni


Best Short Film

In this garden, snakes aren’t the only secret. Peek into the world of a group of transmen in NYC navigating the journey of learning manhood, overcoming family drama, and surviving the mean streets on their way to success.

Malachi Seven King

загруженное (2).png

Best Feature Documentary

An affectionate, daring and hilarious reconstruction of the story of The Hippies, Britain’s youngest post-punk band, as told by the band’s drummer, filmmaker Matt Hulse.



Best Short Film

Best BLM Film

Best Director

Historic thriller based on true events from the Tuskegee study.

Sharda Karim


Best Short Film

Best Director

Best Actress

A woman comes to terms with the impending death of her father while jousting with her mother's fears

Rob Schiller


Best Experimental Film

Based on the True Love Story of Wild Bill and Calamity Jane.

Pamela PerryGoulardt



Best Feature Documentary

Movie about the worldwide corruption

Marcos Saboya


Best Feature Documentary

For over a decade William has been living with a debilitating condition that has forced him to retreat from society and live in isolation, removed from technology. Electric Malady is an intimate window into William's isolated world and a moving depiction of a family Marie Lidén...

Marie Lidén


A Talent for Tenacity

Best Short Film

A young bartender in her early 20's, Riley Murphy, wants nothing more than to perform a song on stage at the bar she works at. After she convinces her manager to let her write an original song before the end of the week we follow Riley as she goes...

Colby William Geisel


Best Short Film

When Olivia moves to a new country, not only does she have to learn to adapt and overcome the barriers of a new culture, but also the sly tactics of a school bully. In the process, Olivia rises to the challenge and learns what it takes to become her own hero.



Ask Your Friends

Best Short Film

It's senior year and Whit thinks he's found the one. His best friend, Kern, thinks he's an idiot. Nancy has found the one. Unfortunately, she's cheating on her. Her best friend, Donald, thinks she's an idiot. Together the four confront love, intelligence, and nicotine addiction over the course of a single party.

Joshua Carone


Best Short Film

The relationship of a couple quarantined in their respective homes during the pandemic.

James Jeffery Caldwell



Best Experimental Film

Mysterious figures dance within a shrouded, watery world of textures. Hidden images reverberate with accompanying sounds of glass harmonica.

Steve Socki


Best Short Film

What do our phones get up to after they kick off at the end of the day?

Daniel Cohn


Best Short Film

Based on the true story of John Geaghon and his killer Joseph Druce. A detective comes into a small town seeking justice for the victimized boys,but upon arrival he is instructed by the District Attorney to release the Priest immediately...

Prudence Njeri Wangu


Best Student Film

Alex is having a bad night trying to meet his deadline, when a friend stops by asking for help because he thinks someone is trying to kill him.

John Herndon


Best Feature Film

A documentary highlighting the history of Veterans Day, the experiences of U.S. Army veterans, veteran programs, and monolgue performances from several plays by William Shakespeare relating to the trauma and mindset of the modern day soldier.

Rodney Roldan


Best Short Film

Shitamachi (traditional commercial district) Tokyo. Asakusa, Taito-ku. At an old public bath, there is an old fashioned, stubborn master who doesn't speak much and his beautiful wife. The couple runs the business well, but the wife leaves home due to the husband's bad drinking habit...

Yusuke Ishide


Post Mortem

Best Short Film

A surprise visitor arrives at the coroner's home, bent on confronting her with her cover-ups of the death of Andrey Levine, whose family and friends demand answers. Inspired by true events.

Gabriel Horn

92e816a4de-poster (1).jpg

Best Short Film

Best Dance Video

The body of a dying old woman lies in a bed in stillness, while her soul is dancing on the magic stage she dreamt to be all her life...

Flaminia Graziadei


Best Horror

3 collage students (Thalia, Erlan and Ahmad) majoring in psychology study a mentally ill patient for their thesis material because the patient's illness was considered strange...

Helfi Kardit


Best Feature Documentary

A feature documentary: a tribute to a children's books author and illustrator Vladimir Radunsky

Andrei Zagdansky


Best Short Film

Parham, a young Iranian boy feels undermined by his younger step-brother presence. After a mental and physical confrontation while playing at the beach the step-brother gets sick and dies. Not sure of his whole role in all this misfortune events , Parham feels guilty and have to confront his inner emotions.

Farzad Ostovarzadeh


Best Feature Film

A young boy finds a magic book, bringing a soldier from the war of 1812 into modern times.

Richard Groen, Julianne Carioto


Best Feature Documentary

In 2011, filmmakers Lisa Hepner and Guy Mossman heard about a radical stem cell treatment for diabetes, a disease that kills more than five million people each year...

Lisa Hepner, Guy Mossman


Peak Kira

Best Short Film

Rise and fall of Kira, as she and Dražen uncover a financial embezzlement at their company.

Marin Mandir


Best Short Film

A young private investigator has an accident that causes him to develop magnetic powers. He tries to use them for good, but there is one person on earth who knows about his powers and tries to stop him.

Matthew Toffolo


The Shave

Best Short Film

Best Director

A day in 14-year-old Pouya's life. New desires and a self-absorbed father, as the closest representation of who he is meant to become, leave him feeling confused and alone as he navigates the uneasy path from adolescence into adulthood.

Mehrtash Mohit



Best Feature Documentary

Best Actress

An old county home sits abandoned. Its occupants - a father, young mother, and child - have long since vanished. Their disappearances add to a growing total of missing all along that isolated stretch of gravel road...

Dan T. Hall

d336accab3-poster (1).jpg

Wedding Song

Best Short Film

A married woman makes a move on her personal trainer.

Clara Altimas


Best Horror

Spiritual healing gone wrong turns a relentlessly bullied teenager into a super-powered killing machine just as his tormentors do the unthinkable.

Martin Guigui


Best Short Film

After giving up her career as a professional dancer to be with her dreamboat boyfriend, Harbour makes a devastating discovery that prompts her to reevaluate what really matters.

Brenda Whitehall, Keara Barnes



Best Short Film

Inspired by actual events, THE DRIVE tells the story of Mary, a devoted mother and loving wife who struggles to cope when she’s diagnosed with a form of epilepsy after a freak accident. No longer able to drive, Mary is given the option to undergo surgery to solve her problem for good...

Michael Barder


Best Short Film

A young man fights to avoid the inevitable trolley ride that took away his best friend.

Ben Fenton


Best Short Film

When faced with the pressure of true love, a man goes to murderous lengths in order to prove his worth.

Grant O'Connell


Young Ali: those were the days

Best Feature Film

"Young Ali: those were the days" offers a rare glimpse into first-generation Iranian American family life. The film is an intimate portrait of a middle-aged Persian man who, after losing his job and divorcing his wife during Covid, moves back home to confront his emotional afflictions and shed his past...

Amir Motlagh

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